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How to Use 40-Minute Bible Studies

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Instructional Path:  Skills Track


Practice the Inductive Bible Study skills and principles in the 40-Minute Bible Studies and learn how to use these studies for group discussions.

Inductive Bible Study skills taught include:
   • Marking the text
   • Answering 5 Ws and H questions


This course aims to improve student understanding of the format and Inductive Bible study skills contained in the 40 Minute Bible Studies. After completing this course, students should be able to:
   1. Understand the structure and format of the 40 Minute Bible Study
   2. Use the Inductive Bible Study skills in the series
   3. Follow the instructions to study and discuss a lesson in the series
   4. Lead others in discussing a lesson


This course is made up of a series of 10 individual sections with self-assessments to assist you in achieving the course learning objectives/outcomes.

Each section you will watch and listen to the course video and examine summaries in the Course Reading section and Bible texts in the Scripture Window of the web page. An important part of this course is applying what you have learned to real examples. Several times throughout the course you will be asked to practice a skill being taught and you will need to use web page tools to type notes and lists, or to mark Scriptures with symbols.

At the end of the course there will be several self-assessment questions for you to answer. These questions are self-guided, with answers given and intended for your own knowledge and understanding of the material. There are no recorded scores or pass/fail requirements in this course.

At the end of the course there will be an opportunity for you to navigate to a page where you may print all of the course readings, notes and marked Scriptures in a single PDF document. A course certificate of completion will be available to print as well.


Students will learn how to use a 40-Minute Bible Study by working through a first week's lesson as individual study but also to see how the study coordinates for group Bible study.


This course will use excerpts from a 40 Minute Bible Study and the Bible:
   • How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret
   • 2 Samuel 11:1-5

Downloadable texts and materials include:
   • Pages from How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret
   • Course Syllabus


Section 1 – Welcome

Section 2 – Structure and Format

  • Six weeks in each book
  • 40 minutes per week
  • No-homework, self-contained studies

Section 3 –Introduction

  • Sets the context for week’s study

Section 4 – “Observe” Section

  • How group leader can use
  • Marking exercise

Section 5 – Insight Boxes

  • Additional background information
  • Word definitions

Section 6 – “Discuss” Section

  • Questions for discussion
  • Study exercise

Section 7 – “Wrap it up” Section

  • Closing paragraphs
  • Focus on application

Section 8 – Leading the Study

  • How to use this study

Section 9 – Self Test Questions

Section 10 – Self Test Answers


For concerns or questions, the best way to get help is to join the Precept Online Community group discussion boards of the Bible Study Skills Group. Every online training registrant automatically has access and membership to the appropriate group. Discussion topics will be available on the group discussion board as often as members of the group wish to post. Rules for blog posts are provided on the group page.

Precept Ministries Staff Trainers will regularly review posted questions from the group and provide responses, should they be necessary, within one week or so of posting.


You will need your username/email and password to log in to the course. If you have forgotten your password, click here and follow the instructions or click the button in the upper right corner of the Precept Ministries homepage at entitled “Login or register for your Precept account” and follow the instructions.

For specific instructions on how to navigate the Online Training System, please review the video on the main Precept Online Bible Study Institute page entitled, “How to Use this Training System.”


Our Institute is optimized to work in either a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh Environment. However, for best performance, the following requirements exist:
   • Reliable Internet connection – high speed 5MB and greater is recommended.
   • Closing other applications on your system to minimize resources will reduce video playback issues and improve page load times.

Additionally, the following hardware and software are necessary:
   • Windows operating system (XP or newer)
   • Macintosh OS X.

Supported browsers include:
   • Google Chrome (recommended)
   • Mozilla Firefox
   • Safari
   • Internet Explorer (not recommended)

Known Issues:
   • Internet Explorer 8 is not supported and may not display the Online Training System properly.
   • Internet Explorer 9.0.1 users will need to upgrade their browser to the latest version to fix browser compatibility issues. Internet Explorer Browser Compatibility should normally be disabled.

The Online Bible Study Institute can be accessed through a mobile device or tablet, however the Online Training System has not yet been optimized for use with tablets or mobile devices and certain features such as "marking" may not be usable.

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