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Teach Me Your Ways: The Pentateuch - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy by Kay Arthur.  Begin at the beginning - Creation, marriage, sin, civilization. Then learn about God's continuing lovingkindness and faithfulness to His covenant people, even when they let Him down.

37-week Study: Genesis-8 weeks; Exodus-10 weeks; Leviticus-7 weeks; Numbers-6 weeks; Deuteronomy-6 weeks. Each have six days of guided lessons, 20 to 30 minutes long to teach you how to discover God's precepts, purposes and promises on your own. Questions for group discussion or individual study are also provided.

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The New Inductive Study Bible (NAS) Hardback

Every feature of The New Inductive Study Bible is designed to help readers gain a more intimate understanding of God and His Word. It’s the only Bible available based entirely on the inductive study approach—providing the tools for observing what the text says, interpreting what is means, and applying it to life! 

This exciting new edition contains many special and revised features...

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