Area Team Leaders are leading the way in developing teams across the nation with the purpose of establishing more people in God's word by providing opportunities to train new bible study leaders. In addition, these teams serve and support local bible study leaders, disciple-makers and churches. Your experience, wisdom and talent are needed in skills-based volunteer roles of Coordinator and Team Member. See below to find an Area Team near you!  



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▼ Alabama - Greater Birmingham Area Group- Lana McCay

Lana McCay
Greater Birmingham Area Group


Growing up in Alabama allowed for me to be raised in a Christian environment. Of course, attending weekly services was expected in the “Bible Belt”. However, it was not until I discovered the inductive study method that I began my “walk” with the Lord.

My husband Alan and I married in 1995 after I obtained my Doctor of Pharmacy degree.   We had our son in 1998 and that is when I first “dove” into the Word.   I began my first precept class and quickly learned the character of God by discovering Truth for myself.  I relied on that knowledge to help me through my battle with cancer in 2005, only four years after our daughter was born.

The Lord opened a door for me to attend a PUP Leader training workshop in 2009.  Since then, it has been a privilege to share the inductive study method with my children, their friends and people in my community.

I now serve the Greater Birmingham Area as an Area Team Leader.  Our team exists to serve YOU…the bible study leader, student and disciple maker.  We do this by connecting, equipping, resourcing, and supporting you.  Join our team and help make disciples intentionally! 

▼ Alabama- Decatur Area Group- Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith - Area Team Leader

Sandra Smith
Decatur Area Group 


Hello, my name is Sandra Smith. My husband Charles and I recently retired from a 35 year plus ministry in full time Christian service. We have two married sons, and four grandchildren. We have always been very passionate about the accuracy of God’s Word and this is where Precept Ministries International comes into focus. As a young pastor’s wife in the early 1980’s I was introduced to the Inductive Bible Study Method when a friend invited me to attend a Women’s Conference with her in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Needless–to-say, the joy and the encouragement of studying God’s Word for myself has become the bedrock of my life. The Inductive Study Method has helped me understand, grasp and retain the Truth of God’s Word and its application to my everyday life. Therefore, having a burning passion in my heart to see others established in God’s Word, I am excited to join the Precept Network and lead a team to support Precept Bible Study leaders and Discipleship makers in the Decatur area.

The area team consist of called and qualified coordinators who serve the area by providing resources and support needed to multiply the number of people being established in God’s Word. We are in the process of recruiting individuals to come along side in specific areas such as Prayer, Events Communications, Team and Area Growth. Each leader will be strengthened and supported as they fulfill their calling.

We welcome and invite you to pray about joining us in establishing more people in God’s Word in the Decatur area. If your schedule does not permit you to be involved in this endeavor at the moment, we covet your prayers in asking Him to grow this ministry for His Glory as we, “Go therefore and make disciples.” Matthew 28:19-26  

▼ Arizona - Phoenix East Valley Area Team - Candace Spears

Candace Spears
Phoenix East Valley Area Group


Studying the Bible was the first transformation that God made in my life as a new believer.  I couldn’t get enough of the Word of God.  I chuckle as I think about how I used to study but they were still rich times with God. It was four children later that our church offered a new type of study - Precept. I knew I wasn't understanding a lot of what I was trying to do. Precept training was being held in our area & I thought how good it would be to attend to learn more about this inductive tool. At the training, the light clicked on. I can't say I understood it all, but I began to, and as I continued to study, I found great changes in my relationship with God through His Word. 

Inductive Bible study has been challenging and rewarding.  I can remember in years past reading the Bible and not knowing what I read or just ‘checking out’ as I read.  I didn’t want my time in the Word to be unrevealing and it was inductive study that corrected this and changed how I approach the Bible.  I now leave all my preconceived ideas of the text behind and read with a purpose, discovering for myself the context. For all who want to experience God in their lives inductive Bible study is the way to do it!  

▼ California - Bakersfield Area Group - Dorie Carnes

Dorie Carnes
Bakersfield Area Group


When I became a Christian in 1972, God changed my heart, but I was still missing an intimate knowledge of who He really was.   Often I felt sad and frustrated with God because of my circumstances.  Then, I started studying the Bible using the Precept Inductive method in 1984.   Little did I know that understanding the truth of God's Word would have such a profound impact on me.  Not that I have perfect understanding, but this method of study is taking me on a fantastic journey of growing spiritually and standing firm in His truth and grace.  As a student, I was confronted by Biblical truth, and my marriage was saved because I was changed.  Then as a Bible Study Leader, I experienced God's grace through the privilege of discipling others into Biblical truth. Now, as a Network Leader, the privilege of serving continues by being a part of a dedicated team of people who are passionate about providing resources and support to Bible Study Leaders.  My goal is to see that Bible Study Leaders in our area are fully encouraged and resourced with everything they need to be successful disciple makers.  

▼ Colorado - Denver Metro Area Group - Annette Morton

Annette Morton
Denver Metro Area Group 


I am a native of Denver, CO, have lived in Colorado all my life. I am now ‘semi-retired’ from the corporate world and have more time to establish people in God’s Word.  Married, with 4 grown children & 7 grandchildren, my passion since learning how to study the Scriptures inductively in 1987, has been to share the inductive study method wherever God puts us! What a privilege and joy this continues to be! Seeing students discover Truth for themselves and watching the Word come alive through the power of the Holy Spirit is beyond exciting.  Building leader and individuals in how to lead Precept Bible studies is a joy, and living out the Truth of His Word daily is my personal desire!

As the Area Team Leader in the Denver Metro Area, I am on a mission to recruit, develop and lead our Area Team to establish more people in God’s Word by using the 3-D method…Discover, Go Deeper with others, and to Disciple.  Intentionally, we are working together with a purpose to grow our Area by developing more Bible study classes and Bible study leaders.  I believe we are here for such a time as this. Please pray for us & join us as we “Go therefore and make disciples … ” Matthew 28:19-20. 

▼ Colorado- Northern Colorado Area Group- Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon Area Team Leader

Linda Dillon
Northern Colorado Area Group 


Born in Memphis, TN, to an Air Force family, we moved frequently. I attended 13 schools before graduating high school. I have two brothers, one in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and the other in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My life is blessed with two children, 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. After retiring in July of 2014, I moved to Colorado to be near my son and his family. Since becoming a student of inductive Bible study, I tell everyone I meet to learn how to study God’s Word inductively in classes or on-line. As Area Team Leader for Northern Colorado, my mission is to recruit, develop and lead our Area Team to establish more people in God’s Word by using the 3-D method…Discover, Go Deeper with others, and to Disciple. The Holy Spirit has led me to this place and has prepared my heart for this. In times such as we live in today, I feel we cannot delay for even a moment. In John 4:35, Jesus said, “…lift up your eyes and look on the fields that they are white for harvest.” The fields in Northern Colorado are indeed white for harvest. Please pray for us as we minister to Northern Colorado.  

▼ Florida - Central Florida Area Group - Diane Sparrow

Diane Sparrow
Central Florida Area Group 


Originally from Chicago, now a long time resident of Clermont, Florida, I have been a Precept leader for over 11 years.  I am married to my wonderful husband Joe and have two amazing sons and daughters-in-love along with two adorable grandchildren. 

I have been transformed by the study of God’s word inductively and get no greater joy than to see others discover truth for themselves.  I am very excited to bring a new process of recruiting, selecting, and developing others to join the Central Florida Precept Team.  As Area Team Leader I am confident the task at hand has been orchestrated by God to establish HIS people in HIS word using the 3-D method of Discover, Go Deeper with Others, and Disciple.  I am privileged and blessed to be part of this ministry that provides resources for Bible study classes and leaders that meet the needs of individuals where they are.  Please pray and join us in the great commission!

▼ Georgia - Middle Georgia Area Group - Joy Gilmore

Joy Gilmore
Middle Georgia Area Group 


I am a native of St. Louis, MO, have lived in 7 US states, 6 foreign countries and on 5 continents. We are now ‘retired’ from the corporate world and have more time to establish people in God’s Word.  Married, with 3 grown children & four grandchildren, my passion since learning how to study the Scriptures inductively in 1986, has been to share the inductive study method wherever God puts us! What a privilege and joy this continues to be! Seeing students discover Truth for themselves and watching the Word come alive through the power of the Holy Spirit is beyond exciting.  Leading Precept Inductive Bible studies is a joy, and living out the Truth of His Word daily is my desire!

As the Area Team Leader in middle Georgia, I am on a mission to recruit, develop and lead our Area Team to establish more people in God’s Word by using the 3-D method…Discover, Go Deeper with others, and to Disciple.  Intentionally, we are working together with a purpose to grow our Area by developing more Bible study classes and Bible study leaders.  I believe we are here for such a time as this. Please pray for us & join us as we “Go therefore and make disciples … ” Matthew 28:19-20. 

▼ Georgia - NE Atlanta Area Group - Judy Witzel

Judy Witzel
NE Atlanta, GA 


Born and raised mostly in Mississippi, with some Tennessee sprinkled in, I have lived in the North and Mid West but have called the NE Metro Area of Atlanta home for 18 yrs. Married with kids at home, grown kids and grandkids and of course Murphy ,our dog, who thinks he's a kid. I home school our teenagers and use Inductive Bible Study daily as part of their curriculum. It is important for them and us to study God's word and be able to stand firm, press on and run the race in the days ahead.

I'm so excited about being the Area Team Leader for North East Atlanta. I know God is going to do a tremendous work as we engage, encourage and establish people in God's Word. Pray for us and join us in our walk and work for the Kingdom.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! Psalm. 90:17  

▼ Georgia- Greater Columbus Area Group- Carroll Hudson

Carroll Hudson
Greater Columbus Area Group 


I grew up in the Columbus, Georgia area and have always called it home. My husband, Frost, and I enjoy running a pet care business together and spending time with our four beautiful dogs. I first learned about the Inductive study method while attending Precept Ministries Boot Camp in 1990 in Chattanooga and studying the book of Daniel. This method has impacted my Christian walk more than any other by establishing me in God's Word and helping me to dig deep into Scripture. My desire is to help others learn Truth for themselves through the 3-D method- Discover, Go Deeper with Others, and to Disciple. My mother, Virginia Calhoun, served for many years as the Precept Area Team Leader for Columbus and I want to continue this spiritual legacy.

I'm thrilled to be the Greater Columbus Area Team Leader and know that God has many exciting opportunities for growth and ministry in this area. I pray He will do a mighty work in establishing his Kingdom. There is no retirement in the time of war. I ask for your prayers as we go forward to make disciples for such a time as this. 1 Thessalonians 5:24.

The area team consist of called and qualified coordinators who serve the area by providing resources and support needed to multiply the number of people being established in God's Word. We are in the process of recruiting individuals to come along side in specific areas such as Prayer, Events Communications, Team and Area Growth. Each leader will be strengthened and supported as they fulfill their calling.

I am on a mission to recruit, develop and lead our Area Team to establish more people in God's Word by using the 3-D method...Discover, Go Deeper with others, and to Disciple. Intentionally, we are working together with a purpose to grow our Area by developing more Bible study classes and Bible study leaders. I believe we are here for such a time as this. Please pray for us & join us as we "Go therefore and make disciples ... " Matthew 28:19-20.  

▼ Illinois - Chicago Area Group - Norma O'Connell

Norma O'Connell
Chicago Area Group 


My name is Norma O’Connell and through God’s gracious providence I live in Chicago Illinois. God rescued this wild rebellious teen from the power of darkness and transferred  me into the kingdom of His dear Son, in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sins on March 23, 1977! From the day He saved me He has filled my heart with a love for His Word and a desire to live for and serve Him! Shortly after my

Conversion, I was married and moved to Chicago! Knowing no one, it was God’s Word that sustained me. God has planted in me a desire to gather women together to study His Word, to share what God has taught us and then go out and reflect His glory to the world. I am so thankful for Precept Ministries and the vision to establish more people in God’s Word! I was not content with my small vision and am greatly challenged by Precept’s God sized vision. I am so privileged to be a part of the Chicago Area Team. Think about the vision and the mission of Precepts.... that is what I want to be about...establishing more people in God’s Word, establishing more Inductive Bible Study classes, training up more Precept Bible Study Leaders, seeing lives changed to become people who are living as exemplary followers of Christ, who are studying the Bible inductively, who are viewing the world biblically, are making disciples intentionally and serving the church faithfully in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

▼ Kansas - Kansas City, KS Area Group- Jean Rink

Jean Rink
Kansas City, KS Area Group

Kansas City, KS

My name is Jean Rink. I live in Olathe, Kansas, which is about 20 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. My husband, Paul, and I have been married 40 years. We have two children. A daughter who lives nearby and a son who lives in Westminster, CO. Paul and I have six grandchildren ages 1 to 11.

I am from Independence, Missouri, Harry Truman’s town my father would tell folks. My two older sisters and I were raised going to church every Sunday. I made a commitment to Jesus at 12 years I had read the Bible by pieces but never studied it. I knew what the pastor told me was in there and what I was to believe.

My family joined a new church 5 years ago and I noticed a Bible study being offered, Precept Ministries. I attended that first class and haven’t looked back since. What I discovered was an incredible way to study God’s Word. And now I know what believe not because of what man says but what God Almighty says. I had found the Jesus of the Bible. What an adventure it has been. My biggest worry in life is not to be able to study all of the books of the Bible before I’m called home! I find myself wanting everyone I meet to know the joy of studying and knowing God’s Word for themselves. I have enjoyed going to Chattanooga and taking classes and was extremely excited to go to Israel with Precept Ministries in 2013.

It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching on Thursday mornings or being a student, Precept has changed my life and brought me incredibly close to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

▼ Kentucky - Purchase Area Group- Diane Talmadge

Diane Talmadge
Purchase Area Group 


Daniel “In & Out” was the first Precept study I completed – back in 1998 or so.  I had heard of “Kay Arthur” and I had enjoyed my time in a different Bible study while stationed in Germany.  But, Daniel “In & Out” was something altogether different from anything I had done…. And I was hooked!  I learned so much relatable detail during that study that I could not imagine studying the Bible any other way and I wanted to study every book of the Bible this way!!  Seeing the truth of Scripture for myself – knowing the Holy Spirit as my Guide – has been life changing in so many ways.  I’ve studied the Bible from West Kentucky to West Germany, and from New Hampshire to Texas.  For me, wanting to support Bible Study Leaders in communities close to where I live is a natural growth step.  Precept Ministries has given so much to help me grow in my personal relationship with Christ, volunteering in order to give back is pure joy. 

▼ Maryland - Mt. Airy, MD Area Group - Darlene Ely

Darlene Ely
Mt. Airy, MD Area Group 


I am a native of Winfield, Maryland, a small town between Baltimore and Frederick. My husband and I moved to several different states with the Air Force and Federal Government, but have settled back close to home in Mount Airy, MD.

I began studying with Precept in the early 1980s in Goldsboro, NC and began as a Bible Study Leader in the early 90s. We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren who are such a blessing to us. I am so thankful for the opportunity that God has provided to study and lead inductive Bible study and consider it a privilege to serve alongside other Bible study leaders to establish more people in God’s Word in our community.

As the Area Team Leader in the Carroll County area, I pray God will use me to recruit, develop and lead our Area Team and establish more people in God’s Word by using the 3-D method: Discover, Go Deeper with others and to Disciple. I invite you to join us and lift our team in prayer as we intentionally go forward to make disciples.

▼ Michigan- Detroit Metro Area Group- Zeola Carey

Zeola Carey Area Team Leader

Zeola Carey
Detroit Metro Area Group 


I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but I accepted Christ at the age of 24, in 1991, while working in Washington D.C. Single, with one grown daughter, a son in law and currently one grandchild, I was introduced to inductive Bible study in the early 2000's and received PuP training in 2005. Introducing others to Inductive Bible Study through Precept Ministries is not a responsibility I take likely. It has been a rewarding and humbling experience to watch others Discover God's Word; Go Deeper in their relationship with God; and Disciple others by using what they've learned to encourage and educate using God's Word. Being the Area Team Leader for Metro Detroit, means I am determined to serve its community of Bible study leaders and students.....past, current and future, with the end result of establishing God's people in His Word. Please pray for us as we "Put on the full armor of God, so that we will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil..." Eph. 6:11.  

▼ Minnesota - Minneapolis/St.Paul Area Group - Cindy Erickson

Cindy Erickson
Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Group 


Before Precept, my idea of Bible study was to just read the Scripture so I could check it off my “To Do” list. Many times I would wait for the pastor to preach on the passage or my Sunday school teachers to explain. I would often consult commentaries. I wanted desperately to understand the Bible, but didn’t know how to go about it.

In 1998, I went back to college as a “nontraditional student” (mother of 4 and a homeschooler) and enrolled in a Bible study methods class. The required textbook was the International Inductive Study Bible. I began searching for churches where Precept Bible studies were taught.

I could not get enough of the Precept classes and took every one that was offered by the church. Two years later God called me to lead. I've been teaching ever since, have attended many workshops.  I love sharing the Inductive Study Method and God’s Word wherever He puts me! The blessings of seeing students see the Word come alive and accurately handling God’s Word are endless.

Had it not been for the participating and leading Precept, I would not have been equipped to endure the trials that come with being a servant of Jesus Christ. God has truly blessed me, never forsaken me and has given me the peace that passes all understanding. I have learned to rest in His love.

Precept, through the power of Jesus Christ, has caused my priorities, goals, and walk with the Lord to change. I look forward with great anticipation to what He has in store for the future.

▼ Missouri- St. Louis Area Group- Terri Towe

Terri Towe Area Team Leader

Terri Towe
St. Louis Area Group 


I am Terri Towe and I am thrilled to serve as the St. Louis Area Team Leader. I am blessed to have grown up with a godly family heritage. I accepted Christ when I was 9 years old and was always active in my church. However, it was not until I attended my first Precept Bible study of the book of John that I truly met Jesus Christ and understood the love, forgiveness and mercy He had for me, which changed my life. I have been a Precept Bible study leader since 1996. Over the years, as a former military spouse, I have been able to travel and share with others the Inductive Bible study method. I am so encouraged when others see God’s Word come alive for themselves. I am passionate about God’s Word and encouraging others to study inductively. I am praying about those God would have join with the St. Louis Area Team to inspire others in the study of God’s Word.  

▼ Montana - Montana Area Group - Ross Yeager

Ross Yeager
Montana Area Group 


Please allow me to briefly introduce myself.  I heard the gospel from a ministry with a radio program in 1982.  I was overwhelmed by my sin and my true condition before God.  I could barely wrap my mind around the fact that Jesus died to pay the penalty for the sins that I knew I, myself, had committed.  His grace led me to believe it and I repented from my sin and believed in Him.  A few years later, my Christian walk began to stagnate as it became clear that I needed the power of His Word to change me and sustain me.  I found many good Bible studies and good books which I read voraciously, but still my weakness and hunger for His Word remained almost overwhelming.  My wife introduced me to inductive studies through   Precept Ministry  and I can honestly say they have been the one thing that has sustained me as a follower of the Lord during a time of many difficult trials.

It is now the burning passion of my heart to see people established in God’s Word through this method of study as they come to know and serve our Glorious Lord.

Please pray for us in the great state of Montana as we seek to, "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". 2 Peter 3:18

▼ North Carolina- Winston-Salem, NC Area Group - Kathy Burks

Kathy Burks

Kathy Burks
Winston-Salem, NC Area Group 


I am originally from North Carolina although my husband and I spent 24 years in Oak Ridge, Tennessee raising our three children. In 1990, while living in Oak Ridge, I attended my first Precept Bible Study. I had been raised in the church and was actively serving but quickly discovered there was much about God and His Word I had never heard or grasped. Through studying inductively, His Word came alive and I knew this was the way to deepen my walk with the Lord. At that point I passionately studied and began teaching the Inductive Study Method through Precept. What a privilege and joy it has been over the years to fellowship with others as they discover truth for themselves and see God transforms lives.

We have moved back to North Carolina and I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Precept Network as the Winston-Salem Area Team Leader. In moving forward, we seek to establish people in God’s Word as we encourage, equip, train, and pray for bible study leaders and disciple makers. I am filled with awe and gratitude for all God has done and look forward to all that He will do through the Network. Come, join us as we “Go therefore and make disciples…” Matthew 28:19-20.

▼ Ohio - Greater Cleveland Area Group - Carolynn Scott

Carolynn Scott
Great Cleveland Area Group 


The Lord blessed and changed my life forever when I connected with Precept Ministries International and began to study the Bible Inductively, discovering God’s Truth for myself.  Methodically studying God’s Word book by book in context and applying that knowledge with the help of the Holy Spirit, has set me free from fear.  Joy has replaced fear.  I love being in fellowship with believers, who are also discovering the treasures in God’s Word and applying it to their lives.

As a Precept Area Team Leader, I am working with an Area Team to support and resource Bible Study Leaders as they establish more and more people in God’s Word.  Through an Area Team of called and committed Coordinators and Team Members, we are building a community of Precept Bible Study leaders and students to penetrate our sphere of influence with the light of the Gospel shining forth in the darkness of our culture to impact  lives for the Lord’s Kingdom.  

Persons in the Medina and surrounding areas are invited to join our Area Group.  We are delighted to be your point of contact with Precept Ministries . Precept events, workshops and trainings are available to support and equip you for the task God has called you to do.

▼ ONLINE - Official Online Precept Group - Cindy Langford

Cindy Langford
Official Online Precept Group 


I was first introduced to Precept Bible studies in 1989 through
the study, “Lord Heal My Hurts,” at in Souderton, PA. I
attended my first workshop in 1990 in Cherry Hill led by Pete
DeLacy on 2nd Timothy. It was fabulous. I knew from that
point on that this is what the Lord had called me to do! I've been leading and making disciples ever since, have attended many workshops, some several times and am currently leading at Calvary
Chapel Chester Springs, PA.

▼ Pennsylvania - Greater Pittsburgh Area Group - Jackie Myers

Jackie Myers
Greater Pittsburg Area Group 


Because Precept students and Bible study leaders are transformed by the renewing of their mind through inductive studies they have a passion to see others established in God’s Word.  It is by the passing on of the baton of the gospel that we can impact our world and the next generation.

Can you imagine the impact we could have on our churches, communities, nation and world if we worked together toward this goal?  That is the purpose of our Area Team. 

The Area Team consists of called and qualified coordinators who serve the area by providing resources and support needed to multiply the number of people being established in God’s Word.  We are in the process of recruiting individuals for positions to come alongside Bible Study Leader and Disciple makers  in specific areas, like prayer, events, communications, E-Team and area growth. Our goal is that every leader is resourced, strengthened and supported as they fulfill their calling. We welcome you and pray that you will join us in establishing more people in God’s Word in the Pittsburgh area!


▼ Tennessee - Tri-Cities Area Group - Susan Butler

Susan Butler
Tri-Cities Area Group 


My name is Susan Butler and I live in Kingsport, Tennessee. I am married to Steve who serves as a District Leader.  I minister as the Tri-Cities (Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol) Area Team Leader. The Precept Network reaches out to minister to Bible Study Leaders. It is so exciting to meet with and encourage others as they are trained and start new studies in our area.

Having been a believer for years and participated in many studies, studying the Word inductively transformed my life like no other Bible study. I took my first PUP course "Covenant" in 1994, I knew the Lord had "brought me home" to Bible study. Not only was I learning the depths of the Truth of His Word for myself, but I was able to retain that Truth written upon my heart and apply it in my everyday walk.  I have been leading primarily PUP studies for 11 years. It is thrilling to see "wow" moments as others learn His truths! The Lord has given us opportunities to travel with Precept to Israel three times.  I want to encourage you to go on the Israel tour. To be in God's land brings the Bible alive like never before! The teaching is Spirit-led and the fellowship a blessing.

Steve and I are passionate that people know God's Word and be able to discern the times in which we live. We wait in great expectation to see all God is doing and will do through the ministry of Precept Bible studies and the Precept Network.

▼ Tennessee- Knoxville Area Group- Sally Smith

Sally Smith - Area Team Leader

Sally Smith
Knoxville Area Group 


Hello and welcome! My name is Sally Smith and I am the Area Team Leader for the Greater Knoxville, Tennessee Area Group. Married, with two adult children, I have had the privilege of leading Precept studies since 2000, and continue to be amazed at the wonders of God's Word using the inductive study method. Inductive study has been life-changing for me. As an angry young adult, I desperately wanted to change the course of my actions but had little success. Though I was a Christian, I had not been discipled and therein lay a big problem! After being introduced to inductive study, specifically Precept Ministries, I began to understand and apply God's Word which led to change in my character and desires. Now, some twenty years later, I am privileged to lead Precept studies, discipling others. To discover, go deeper with others, and disciple is the heart of Precept. This Area Team exists to support that purpose for both the Bible study leader and student. Come join us as we endeavor together to establish people in God's Word in Knoxville and the surrounding areas!  

▼ Texas - Austin, TX Area Group- Meredith Koch

Meredith Koch
Austin, TX Area Group 

Austin, TX

Bio for Meredith Koch: I am a native of Austin, TX. My husband and I have lived in several towns in the Texas Hill Country before returning to live in Austin where we both grew up. I am a wife and mother. I have two school aged children whom I homeschool. We travel to Ethiopia for mission trips about once a year and have been blessed to be able to take our kids with us as well. A number of years ago I began searching for a way that I could learn to study scripture on my own and discover God’s truth. I came across Precept’s Inductive study method and was thrilled to have found a tool that I could use to grow deeper in my knowledge of scripture and God’s word. It is such a joy that I am able to lead groups of people in Precept bible studies so that they may also be established in God’s word and I even use Precept studies as part of our daily homeschool plan.

As the Area Team Leader for Austin, I am very excited to help grow the network of bible studies and trainings being offered in the Austin Area. I am recruiting and developing the area team so that everyone in the Austin area has a network of support and resources to be able to spread God’s word and establish more people in scripture here in Austin. Please pray for us & join us as we “Go therefore and make disciples ... ” Matthew 28:19-20.

▼ Texas - Fort Worth, TX Area Group - Jimmie Gillum

Jimmie Gillum
Fort Worth, Texas Area Group 


Welcome to the Fort Worth Area Team! My name is Jimmie Gillum, the Area Team Leader for Fort Worth, Texas. I have lived in the Fort Worth area for the past eight years. I took my first Precept Class about six years ago (a relative newcomer in Precept circles!).

Precept was an answer to my prayers. I had longed to know God's Word better and to be able to see His truths for myself. The Inductive Study Method made it possible for me to do just that. I also saw other ladies who had been in church all their lives see truth for themselves for the first time. I began praying for God's guidance on how to take what I have learned and teach others.

God has led me to be the Area Team Leader in Fort Worth! As an Area Team Leader I am here to support Bible Study Leaders as they make disciples. As a team we can grow our area by increasing the number of Bible Study Leaders and Bible Study Classes, praying, celebrating, and supporting each other - being about our Father's business, establishing others in God’s Word.  

▼ Virginia- Northern Virginia Area Group - Scott Faught

Scott Faught
Northern Virginia Area Group 


Hi, I’m Scott Faught, an Area Team Leader in the Precept Network.  As most everyone, I’m shaped and defined by a number of experiences.  Perhaps fundamental in my coming to Christ was participating in a Bible study during college.  It was there that I learned that I was not a Christian and truly understood for the first time what the gospel is all about.  Discipleship and growth continued through Bible studies, devotionals, prayer and fellowship with other Christians.  After a number of Bible study methods, my wife and I ran into Kay when she was teaching at a conference in Germany and asked her about the Bible studies Precept produced.  She gave us each a copy of a Precept Upon Precept workbook, showed us how to do the homework and we were hooked.  Inductive Bible study helped us to dig for truth ourselves.  It brought us into application every time we studied.  It was not cursory or academic.  We’ve each been leading 33 years now.  In the past 10 years, we’ve supported a Precept Bible study ministry in our church as well as the Bible study leaders.  Now with the Precept Network, we have an opportunity to support Bible studies and leaders far beyond our church.  My goal is to bring to those studies and leaders the support and encouragement leaders in our church have enjoyed.  I’ve been that leader in the past, isolated (sometimes leading in another country) without access to materials at times and certainly without a support network.  My desire is to connect leaders, support them where I can and make it possible for more people to study the Bible inductively.  

▼ Washington - Spokane, WA Area Group - Kay David

Kay David
Spokane, WA Area Group 


My story begins in a small town in PA. At my birth my dad was away at war.  During that separation my mother became a Christian & raised my brother & I to live for Christ.  After dads return from the war, my parents separated.  At age 15 I ran away from God, home & rules.  I married at 19 & packed up my spirit of "Don’t tell me what to do” & headed off with my husband to Connecticut.  My marriage can best be described as a roller-coaster ride ( many ups & downs).  God bless us with 2 children who I taught, "don't do as I do, DO AS I SAY".    We are happily married (51 years) and have been blessed with 6 grandchildren. 

At age 32 God saved me.  Since then I have had the privilege to be a Sunday School teacher, VBS leader, BSF leader, retreat speaker, devotional writer, leading Precept in Kiev,Ukraine, a Precept Bible Study leader for over 23 years, and most recently Area Team Leader in the Spokane, WA area. 

To GOD be the glory great things He has done!

▼ Washington, DC and Maryland Suburbs Area Group - Steve Liston

Steve Liston
Washington, DC & Maryland Suburbs Area Group 


My name is Steve Liston and I’m so pleased to be serving as the Area Team Leader for Washington, DC and Maryland Suburbs. A Sunday School teacher changed my life when I was 13 years old by asking a small group of boys if we had accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. For me, there was no doubt that my sin made it impossible for me to be right with God. I knew I needed Christ’s saving grace, and I eagerly accepted Him into my life. Since then, I have been on a journey to work out my salvation by studying God’s Word, applying it to my life, enjoying worship and fellowship with His people, serving His church, and sharing His gospel.

In 1991, as a new member of the U.S. Foreign Service, I was introduced to Precept Upon Precept Bible studies while serving in Monterrey, Mexico. Precept’s in-depth study tools allowed me to gain new insights into Holy Scripture. With each study, God’s living Word has continued to transform my faith and my life. For the past 21 years, my wife Susan and I have led Precept courses wherever the Lord has taken us – Mexico, Sudan, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Chile, and our home in Bethesda, Maryland. We have watched with awe and gratitude as the Holy Spirit has used the power of inductive study to give new dynamism and depth to the faith of those who took part in Precept studies.

With our return to the Washington, DC area, I am excited to join the Precept Network and lead a team to support Precept Bible Study Leaders and Disciple Makers in Washington, DC and its Maryland Suburbs. I pray that our efforts will help many to deepen their understanding of God’s Word and their relationship with Jesus Christ as they discover truth for themselves through inductive Bible study.