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Precept™ Inductive Bible Study Classes are taught throughout the world in churches, homes, small groups, workplaces, Christian schools and homeschool groups. Discover Truth for yourself through Precept™ Bible Studies and Go Deeper into God’s Word with others as you inductively study together in a Bible Study class.  There are many ways to get involved with others in a Bible study class—check the options below and find one that is right for you! 

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Find a class in your local area.  You can choose a class based on area, dates and times, Precept study, gender and whether child care is provided.

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Classes at Precept Ministries

Did you know that Precept Ministries offers classes for men, women, students and children which are led by our awesome Precept Staff and held on the Precept campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Online Bible Study Classes w/ Pam Gillaspie

Join author and Precept leader Pam Gillaspie and the Precept Team as we discuss Sweet Words - from the Scripture! 

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Introducing any of Precept’s study series to your small group at home or church will help you fulfill your calling to “go and make disciples.”  

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