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“I am 69 years old and I have Bible college training and this is by far the most rewarding study method I have found. Thank you!”         ___________________________________________

“I believe the Inductive Bible Study Method should be incorporated in every education curriculum in every local church. This is so invaluable, and I’m so excited to be in God's Word, studying for myself, and getting to know God in a more intimate way. I have learned more than I ever have by studying in this way. I’m so excited!”                             ___________________________________________

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to get more inductive study instruction. I now feel more confident going into leading my first Precept class. Thank you again!” —Barbara, Saucier, MS

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The heart of Precept Ministries is to give people a firm foundation in the Bible because we believe it is God’s authoritative TRUTH and presents His plan for 1) Healing broken and hurting individuals and communities and 2) Living a full life. We hope you will join us and then share your story!

*This course is intended for individual instruction and is not intended for group use. All materials included within are copyright protected by Precept Ministries International