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Your Gift to Establish People in God’s Word
is an Eternal Investment

Do you have a passion for biblical disciple-making? If so, you value the power of God through His Word to redeem sinners and transform believers into people who will sacrifice everything to fulfill the Great Commission.

God is using Precept Ministries to teach the Inductive Bible Study Method  to people around the world.

In partnership with local churches, pastors and church planters, each year our trainers and leaders equip thousands of individuals to discover the soul-saving, life-transforming Truth of God’s Word for themselves. Your 100% tax-deductible gift today will pay dividends for eternity. 

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Support your church first. If you have a passion for establishing people in God’s Word, make the investment after you have tithed to your local church. logo - ECFAPrecept continues to be a member in good standing with ECFAsince 1985. 
  • Will you help us to reach 10 million people with Inductive Bible Study?
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  • You can put more of your estate that would go to taxes to work for the Kingdom through planned giving.
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