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Since 1970, God has been using Precept Ministries International and Inductive Bible Study to serve pastors and churches. Today, we serve through training and Bible study resources in nearly 180 countries and 70 languages. At any moment, there are people being drawn closer to God and each other through inductive Bible study in churches and small groups around the world and in each of the 50 states.

5 Ways Precept Ministries Supports the local church: 

  • CHURCH OR MINISTRY TRAINING - Precept offers training designed to help the people in your congregation study the Word of God for themselves.
  • BIBLE STUDY LEADER TRAINING - Precept trains Bible Study Leaders to do personal inductive study first and then to make disciples by effectively leading Bible study groups.
  • CURRICULUM - Every Precept Inductive Bible study is designed to fit within the discipleship ministry of the local church. Inductive Bible study materials are available to help students starting at age 6 to observe, interpret, and apply the truths of Scripture for themselves. We offer Bible studies for every level of commitment, from no-homework studies to courses with a rigorous 60 minutes of daily study to prepare for small group discussion.
  • NETWORKING - We support the local church through networking which provides on-going resources, training, and encouragement for Bible Study Leaders, Disciple Makers, Lay Leaders and Church Staff who are called to establish others in God's Word and make disciples!
  • RESOURCES FOR SERMON PREPARATION - Many pastors use our Precept Upon Precept® studies for their personal study as they prepare sermon series on books of the Bible. These studies guide you through the book you are studying chapter by chapter with appropriate word studies and cross references. This is a simple and organized way to lay the ground work of biblical study before you begin to outline your sermon series.

Video Testimonies

What other Pastors are saying

Dr. Jay Owens- Roanoke, VA

As a Pastor, the Precept™ Inductive Bible Study Method is something I have missed throughout my ministry. I cannot believe I have overlooked such a valuable resource all these years. We are enlisting our  small group Leaders, as well as my ministerial staff and their wives, to attend the Training in July. Precept is going to be an essential part of our church ministry in the future because it causes students to search out the Scriptures themselves. I think giving greater attention to the Scriptures is the most pressing need in churches today! I look forward to the great strength this will bring to our congregation over time.

Chip Ingram - Los Gatos, CA

Lives don’t change until people get into the Word of God for themselves, and you all have taught people inductive Bible study like few people in all the world. The impact is tremendous and thank you for what you’re going to do in the future.

James Mcdonald - Rolling Meadows, IL

Precept Ministries has paved the way. They have been teaching people on in every city, in every state and every country on every continent that precept by precept, a life-changing message of God’s Word can be experienced. Thanks for inspiring me, Your ministry has made a massive difference in Harvest Bible Chapel, “Walk in the Word” and Harvest Bible Fellowship.

Dr. Charles Stanley – Atlanta. GA

Countless believers have learned the value of inductive Bible study and the church has grown because of your faithfulness. May Precept Ministries continue to bear fruit for God’s kingdom into the future. God bless you with His best.

Crawford Lorritts - Atlanta, GA

“There’s more of a prophetic call for ministries like Precept Ministries today, than ever before.”

Bernie Miller - Chattanooga, TN

“There’s a great difference between people who study for themselves and those who do not. Those that have studied Scripture for themselves do not need as much counseling because most of the time they have been in the Scripture and they have already come up with the answers themselves.”

Larry Newberry - Denton, TX

“We want people to know who God is and they won’t know Him unless they really get in deep to His Word and Precept helps us do that.”

Steve Daffron - Fort Pierce, FL

I was first introduced to Precept Ministries and Inductive Bible Study in the spring of 2001. Jan Priddy came to the church we attended in Ft. Payne, AL and presented the Inductive Bible Study Training. I was immediately drawn to the simple, yet profound method of digging into God's Word inductively.”  Learn more