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Precepts for Life, hosted by Kay Arthur, is the only TV and radio program that takes you through the Bible book by book, verse by verse. Kay's warm yet direct teaching respects the audience with love and accountability. This powerful 30-minute program is broadcast Monday-Friday to over 75 million homes around the world. Study online with us any time or through our network and a host of local affiliates.

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November–December : Jeremiah, Part 2 – God’s Certain Judgment

Before and during the Babylonian exile, the prophet Jeremiah warned God’s people to repent and return. Although the people rejected the prophets and continued to disobey the Word of the Lord, God didn’t reject His covenant. Study God’s judgment as well as His promises of hope restoration – including a glimpse of the New Covenant.

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Programming Schedule

Nov. 10 – Jan. 2 Jeremiah, Part 2 – God’s Certain Judgment
Jan. 5 Where Was God? (Interview with Bob & Diane Vereen)
Jan. 6 Do You Live in Fear? (Interview with Jan Silvious)
Jan. 7 Money (Interview with Dave Ramsey)
Jan. 8 – 9 NWC 06 – "Hush, Be Still"
Jan. 12 – 13 NWC 06 – "Who’s In the Boat With You?"
Jan. 14 – 15 NWC 06 – "Guard Your Glory"
Jan. 16 Poverty and Wealth (Interview with Nita Tin)
Jan. 19 – Mar. 27 Daniel – Dare To Be God’s Messenger

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Hello Kay! Just wanted to write a quick email to you to say how amazing the Bible Studies have been! I only found you not too long ago....anyways, I do Bible study with my two boys- Nathan who is 5, and Brandon who is 10.....and in one of the episodes you mentioned that you like to hear from us- so my young one- Nathan- said to me- "Mommy- tell Kay that I love her!" so I said, ok I will. Both my sons will sit on either side of me- and we will listen to the bible study and write notes- I get the study guide- and I ask the questions during commercial or after the program....and we do it everyday!  ~ Lydia - Ontario, Canada