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Precept Euraisa–Putting “Skin” on the Gospel

Globe Label Russia

As part of Precept’s Eurasia ministry, Mia and Costel Oglice are teaching students to share the Word of God in every area of their lives, moving beyond the classroom and interacting with the world!

During a two-week training session in Romania, they asked students to develop a survey based on a book of the Bible. Then they went out into the community and asked people to evaluate their knowledge and presentation of the survey. The results were nothing short of miraculous—for both the students and those interviewed.

One student met a family who had stopped going to church many years ago. As they looked at the Scriptures together, the Lord touched their hearts, and the tears began to flow. “God sent you,” they said. “We will go back to church!”.

A young couple in Russia takes particular interest in participating in the survey and studying the Scripture using Precept Inductive Bible Study Method.

Another group of students headed to the train station. They started talking to one person, and soon nine others were listening intently. Within a few minutes, they led all those gathered through the Word of God. The students also encountered many homeless and hungry people. They bought them milk and bread and earned the opportunity to share the Gospel.

“Can you come with me to meet five other families"?

One couple who was attending the institute from St. Petersburg, Russia, waved to a truck passing through the village. Amazingly, the truck stopped in the middle of the road, and the driver (still behind the wheel) began to read the Scriptures and ask questions. He was very thankful to receive a New Testament.

Precept Ministries Inductive Bible Study Training Students distributed New Testaments in Russia.

Finally, one group of students was welcomed into a home and invited the entire family to participate in the survey. The mother became so excited that she asked, “Can you come with me to meet five other families in our neighborhood, relatives of ours?” Of course, the students went with her. One lady said, “I go to sleep with a New Testament under my pillow, and now I understand the Word will not go through the pillow into my head. I need to study it for myself!”

The students are so encouraged when they see the practical side of their studies and realize that even nonbelievers are willing to see what God’s Word has to say.

God is doing a remarkable work with the Precept Teams throughout Eurasia. There are currently more than 40,000 Precept groups meeting in this region, but many are yet to be reached with the tools they need to study God’s Word for themselves.

To help continue the work in this region and throughout the world, prayerfully consider financially partnering with Precept Ministries International.

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Eager to learn to study God’s Word!

Globe Label Siberia

Some traveled as far as 48 hours by train to reach the Precept Training in Siberia.

Precept Inductive Bible Studies teach those desperate for truth in Siberia, Russia

The people came from 8 cities of Siberia; Leaders representing 5 Eurasia Institutes journeyed from Krasnoyarsk, Kyzil, Minussinsk, Novosibirsk, and Ulan Ude. Others came as far as Irkutsk and Chyta all passionate to increase their skills in Inductive Bible Study.

Costel and Mia Oglice arrived in Siberia with a 12-hour time difference from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They left an April Spring day to go to a winterland covered in snow and ice. The temperature was -13° C. It was a long drive over snow packed bumpy roads with only one car in sight the entire trip to the training center.

Precept Eurasian Directors Costel and Mia Oglice lead Precept Inductive Bible Studies in Siberia, Russia.

Despite these challenging conditions, Costel and Mia will do whatever it takes to help teach and train people who would do just about anything to learn to study the Bible. The Oglices focus on their mission, and they go… just like they have done for over 30 years.

Their dedication to teach others God’s Word despite the often difficult traveling conditions and accommodations is remarkable. Their hearts are always ready to teach and train the hungry teacher, pastor, youth worker and layman.

“God’s plan for His people and the teaching of walking in Christ, taught me how to clearly see the doctrines in the Book of Ephesians. I want to practice everything I studied here and to continue to teach the group I have with Turkmen, Kazakhs, and Russians.”—Uyghur, Kazakhstan

Students study Precept Inductive Bible Studies in Siberia, Russia.

In Siberia there are many rehab centers for drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, it’s a region of much sorrow and suffering, thus making the trained Leaders even more passionate about learning the Inductive Bible Study skills in order to enhance their ability to teach others who are desperate to find truth. After the training, the Precept Teams work in orphanages, prisons, rehab centers, churches, and through correspondence.

Many learned through the Precept Training in Siberia and everyone was excited. Mia and Costel also taught a session for Sunday school Leaders and they plan to use 9 Russian Precept courses for these classes. A group from Novokuznetsk was thrilled with the training and said, “Praise the Lord, this is an answer to prayer!”

Pray for the many needs in this region. Precept Bible Studies are treasured in this land and it’s only through the precious gifts of our faithful partners that this work of establishing people in God’s Word throughout Siberia and Eurasia continues. What a blessing to see God’s hand greatly bless the donations of our financial partners!

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God has given us amazing open doors of opportunity around the world to establish people in His Word and disciple believers.

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