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“What’s happening with my generation is frightening…”

Do you have a deep concern about today’s youth and young adults? Why are they becoming so disconnected from their Christian faith and church? What’s happening?

According to recent surveys by the Barna Group, “over half of Millennials with a Christian background (59%) have, at some point, dropped out of going to church after having gone regularly, and half have been significantly frustrated by their faith. Additionally, more than 50% of 18-29 year olds with a Christian background say they are less active in church compared to when they were 15.” These numbers are alarming! What can you do!

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Sustained! How God’s Word transformed one couple’s marriage and life…

“I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the same transformation that I have.”

Leigh Ann Holmes

As newlyweds, Norman and Leigh Ann Holmes were like any other newly married couple—setting up house, getting to know each other, and thinking about the future. And it was in the young married couples Sunday school class that they first heard about Precept.

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“Precept Bible Studies stood out above the others!”

“I stand amazed at what God has done in just 13 years! I’ll never forget the day my wife, Miriam, came home with some Precept Upon Precept® Bible studies.”

Adán Vásquez, Guatemala

“While translating Precept Upon Precept® Studies; she quickly learned that something was different about these Bible studies…

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